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KKA July 12, 2004 21:16

Hi guys,

Do anybody knows whether there is a full manual for HEXA? I mean not just 2 pages of hmtl files in the HELP!! A full manual like CFX/CFX-TASCflow user manual of about hundreds of pages!! We have installed ICEM CFD/(MED and Hexa) but there is no Manual for them. As soon as you click help it just displayeed couple of pages in html format!!

Please let me know if a full PDF files are available so that we can order it!!

Any quick response will be much appreciated!

Twiti July 12, 2004 21:56

You can download what you want at, if the help files are not available at the install root.

KKA July 12, 2004 22:41

sorry, I'm currently using 4.3.1 version. the is only for version 5. Anyway thanks. But if you know how I can get 4.3.1 manual will be much appreciated.

PS: ftp is not compatible with other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, though!


Twiti July 13, 2004 02:05

hehe, check carefully. There are help files for ICEM both version 4 and 5, and both HTML and PDF format are available.

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