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ioana July 13, 2004 05:18

again: Volumetric heat realease
Hi all,

I am just reposting my question.

Glenn, well I look over those files and I discovered that the settings were not good:

The problem is a room with a fire (the fire must be set as a volume that is releasing 62 kW). I defined 1 domain this is the whole room and it is a fluid zone; in this domain I created a solid subdomain which was releasing 62 kW, well no wonder that I had just conduction.

My question is how to define a fire like a certain volume which is emitting this heat? Should I create 2 fluid doamains? Any suggestions are welcome.



Glenn Horrocks July 13, 2004 18:20

Re: again: Volumetric heat realease
Hi Ioana,

There are a number of ways of doing it. You could use one fluid domain, and a wall boundary patch with a heat flux; you could specify a heat source in a subdomain; you could even use a proper combustion model. Depends what you are trying to model exactly.

If you want the simplest approach then putting a heat flux on a wall patch would be the easiest way.


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