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Sherry Clark July 15, 2004 20:58

meaning of sinks?
A beginner question: what does it mean the term of 'SINK'? Any example to show it? Thanks.

Sascha July 16, 2004 02:38

Re: meaning of sinks?
Sink means that energy or momemtum or mass will be extracted from the simulation domain at an prescribed point of plane or volume.

Jeff July 18, 2004 11:31

Re: meaning of sinks?
Simply a negative source. I think at least one of the standard examples applies a volumetric heat source (a sink would be negative and remove heat instead of add it).


Sherry Clark July 18, 2004 21:09

Re: meaning of sinks?
Thanks all. You mean, SINK = - SOURCE ?

Jeff July 19, 2004 20:21

Re: meaning of sinks?
Every day! (unless it rains.) ;D


Coriolius July 26, 2004 23:15

Re: meaning of sinks?
It is like a drain point for the removal of a variable.

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