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Ram P July 16, 2004 07:50

Isomeshing in CFX 5.6
I have imported two-quarter cylinders in parasolid form into CFX 5.6 (Semi Cylinder, divided into two along the axis). At the common rectangular interface, we have two areas. I am trying to use Paving and ISO meshing. I made two groups of two solid quarter cylinders. I have given different mesh seeds for various faces, including the common rectangular interface areas. Surface mesh works fine. When I want to write a GTM file, I get errors. CFX is not able to mesh the two volumes separately. What is it that I am doing wrong? Would anyone be able to guide me? I am new to CFX.

Jeff July 18, 2004 11:28

Re: Isomeshing in CFX 5.6
It seems what you are attempting is a mis-matched grid between the two quarter cylinders. If this is the case, mesh them each separately (in separate gtm files) and then import them both into CFX-Pre, applying a GGI interface between the adjoining faces.


Ram P July 19, 2004 01:29

Re: Isomeshing in CFX 5.6

You are quite right. I am attempting the same. The case I just described is a simple one. I have many such volumnes, which shall create this problem. Creating individual GTM files shall be a cumbersome process. Is there anyway I can bypass this using any other mapping option.

I would very much appreciate if you can kindly guide me in this?

Ram P

Jeff July 19, 2004 20:19

Re: Isomeshing in CFX 5.6
Build had trouble doing this kind of thing historically. If the nodes on adjoining faces "happen" to be within the tolerance, they get equivalenced, even at just a few locations.

I'd still go with separate files. You can script Build as well as CFX-Pre. If you stick to a decent naming convention, perhaps you can automate the whole thing.

Is it really necessary that the grids don't match? Can you simply create subdomains and allow the grids to match?


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