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KKA July 20, 2004 19:59

HEXA : Printing
Hi all

I'm trying to print a mesh diagram from Hexa, I keep on getting an error message. Any file format I'll use, it wouldn't allow me and automatically ends the hexa section. The meaasge was Windows has encountered error and therefore the current program will ends. Do anybody has an idea on this? I'll be much appreciated if hand will be given on this since it's sucking my time.

Thanks a lot!

deLuther July 20, 2004 23:53

Re: HEXA : Printing
I encounter similar problems in Hexa, but in MED printing works fine...

KKA July 21, 2004 10:05

Re: HEXA : Printing
oh yes! MED was al'right! I need MED print though! Still waiting for any help.

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