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Prash July 28, 2004 11:17

CAD2Mesh query

We are working on a complex arterial geometry in the retina and we are stuck at the junctions. We constructed the three dimensional basic network of arteries using another CAD program and we could successfully import that into CAD2Mesh. However, we noticed that some solid bodies appeared as hollow surface bodies (mainly at the junctions of the arteries). We are unable to mesh the stuff and think that this might be due to those surface bodies. Could anyone suggest a way to get pass this problem? Are we right to think that it is these surface bodies that are causing the problem and if so, is it possible to convert them to solid bodies?

Cheers, Prash

Derrek July 29, 2004 09:24

Re: CAD2Mesh query

You can attempt to form solids (body operation) in Design Modeler. Solids are required for CFX MESH. However, if you have a license of ICEM through CAD2MESH, you can use TETRA to mesh the model. TETRA only requires bounding surfaces.



Prash July 29, 2004 09:35

Re: CAD2Mesh query
Many thanks, Derrek! We used ICEM to generate a tet-mesh that seems to work without probs with CFX-5.7.

Cheers, Prash August 1, 2004 18:26

Re: CAD2Mesh query
i thought icem needs a cloded set of surfaces as well?

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