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KKA July 29, 2004 16:43

Hi guys

I was wondering if there is a way I can control the movement of the mouse cursor on the HEXA environment screen. Like, Snap or Grid in AutoCAD where you can turn those command off and that one can click any place on the screen.

This is because I am trying to move a vertex to a point vertex but it doesn't fit the correct position I want. I always have to zoom in until I get the right spot.

Also can somebody tells me if is possible for me to split edge to curves or block to curves?

Any suggetion is highly welcome.

Thanx a lot!

deLuther July 30, 2004 00:14

Re: HEXA-Mesh
Hi KKA! Why you not use Projection,Vertex->Point? Then your vertex will be associated to point and will move to that point, alternatively you can use Edges,Set location. But I think that first choice will be better. For second I simply can not understand why you need that. Simply split your edes or blocks and move vertexes to correct positions... Regard, deLuther.

KKA July 31, 2004 15:00

Re: HEXA-Mesh
Thanx a lot! I'll give it a shot!


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