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RK August 2, 2004 13:45

Dear Someone:

I have calculated a new density value in USRDEN. Now, I would like to use the calculated DENN from USRDEN in USRCND. This is what I have been recommended to implement: put the values in user work space in USRDEN & then use it in USRCND. But the way I have done using SETWRK in USRDEN and GETWRK in USRCND does not do the job. Can anyone suggest anything?

Thanks in advance.


Dougal McQueen August 5, 2004 10:34

Use USRWRK to set the work spacre for the variable. Then GETWRK to find the pointer to where the memory has been allocated, and either set or call the variable from that position in the stack.

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