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jemteo August 3, 2004 06:17

problems with tight flow domain on object

hope someone can help me.

i want to simulate the flow thru a tube which has an object inside of it. The tube tighly encloses the sides of the object making it not possible for flow to go thru the interface. I have problem making such a mesh

I imported .IGS of my tube (diameter 30mm) from solid works into ICEM CFD and created a surface tet mesh of it. AFter which i import a .stl of my object (diameter 30mm) and position the object accordingly.

i get this error ERR 3104 : EDGE 5154 5475 INTERSECTS WITH FACE

23 251 1122 ERROR:3104 - A surface edge intersects a surface face status 1

i tried merging the nodes at the interface but still get this error


11443 2464 ERROR:3103 - Two edges intersect in surface mesh status 1

it can be meshed when i give an allowance say 30.005mm but it is not leakproof.

can anyone advise me thanks.

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