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Simon Rees August 5, 2004 10:31

Mixed 2d & 3D elements
I am using CFX5.6 and ICEM4CFX 4. My mesh in ICEM seems fine - I have a decent smooth mesh. However when I try and write out the file to CFX I get the following error message:

WARNING : family WHOLEDOMAIN has mixed of 2D and 3D elements, this is not allowed in CFX-5.

Any ideas why? Suggestions for fixing this?

Thanks, Simon

Glenn Horrocks August 5, 2004 18:18

Re: Mixed 2d & 3D elements
Hi Simon,

I means a part in ICEM is composed of both 2D elements (ie shells) and 3D elements (ie volumes). Put the shells in one part and the volumes in another part and it should work.

Glenn Horrocks

P.C. May 14, 2012 17:12

and how can I do that?

ghorrocks May 14, 2012 18:32

Select the elements you want to put in a part, and put them in. Have a look at the ICEM tutorials for further information.

P.C. May 15, 2012 11:32

Thank you for your attention, but could not find how I can make this separation at the help, could you help me please?

ghorrocks May 15, 2012 19:34

Try the ICEM tutorials then. This is a really basic ICEM operation.

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