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lingo August 9, 2004 05:45

A beginner's problem

I began to use cfx5.6 several days ago.I practise According to the tutorial.However,when I set some parameters in panel ,I cann't find the last buttons such as "apply"or "finish",so I had to quit. For example,when I set-mesh parameter-angular revolution or creat-infalted boundary,I cann't see the "apply".I try to solve it with amplifying or adjust the resolution ratio,but don't work.

Could you give me any suggestion?Excuse me for my poor expression.

Regards lingo

Meri August 9, 2004 06:20

Re: A beginner's problem
Lingo, What OS are you using ? In Linux, sometimes you have to adjust the screen and font sizes and I think it is the same under windows. Don't get discouraged, read the introductory manual, there is a way to resize everything so it fits your screen

Yuan August 9, 2004 10:42

Re: A beginner's problem

I met the same problem as you before. All the unseen buttoms (the lower part of the panel) are covered by the main interface of CFX. You can just enlarge the main to full screen so that enough area can be set aside for your current using panel. Good luck.

lingo August 10, 2004 02:01

Re: A beginner's problem

You are right.I solve it.Thank you very much! lingo

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