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jemteo August 9, 2004 11:36

meshing strategy for tight fit.

im using ICEM4CFD as a pre=processor. i'm trying to simulate the flow past a complex object. The object is tightly fitted into a tube. The complex object exsists as an .stl file and the tube a .igs file. i've imported the .stl file and did the segmentation of surfaces and curves, and also imported the tube. after aligning both objects to my desire, i've tried joinging the interfacing surfaces using merge surface tool.

however, the mesh is undesirable. When creating a tube slightly larger than the object, meshing is not a problem and i can easily run a simulation.

Can someone suggest a meshing strategy for tight fitting my object in question into the tube?


Glenn Horrocks August 9, 2004 18:50

Re: meshing strategy for tight fit.

We will need to see the mesh you are generating to be able to help you.


jemteo August 10, 2004 00:12

Re: meshing strategy for tight fit.
How do i show my mesh?

Michael Bo August 10, 2004 01:56

Re: meshing strategy for tight fit.
You can create an account at an upload your pictures there, and include the link to the picture in the postings. Like this: - Michael Bo

jemteo August 10, 2004 02:30

Re: meshing strategy for tight fit.
thanks mike here is my pic before any attempts on meshing

green is the desired flow domain and grey is the complicated object imported as an .stl. i faced a lot of problems to get the interface of the object and domain to be a tight fit.

i hope this helps

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