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James Date August 11, 2004 12:06

ICEM CFD 5.0 - 2D to 3D Mesh Extrude

I'm new to using ICEM and am having problems turning a 2D mesh into 3D mesh for export into CFX 5.7.

Basically, I've created a 2D mesh around an aerofoil with parts assigned to the curves which describe the boundary conditions i.e. the curve around the aerofoil is called "wall" and the curve in the upstream is called "inlet" etc.

I can generate the 2D mesh fine for my geometry. I save the hex.uns file.

When i use the "extrude mesh" command a 3D mesh is created. However, when i read the mesh into CFX, rather than each of the new faces (produced from 2D curves) having the same part names as their corresponding 2D edge, they are all assigned to one face name/part/boundary condition.

I'm sure I'm doing something silly!

Regards James

Glenn Horrocks August 11, 2004 18:34

Re: ICEM CFD 5.0 - 2D to 3D Mesh Extrude
Hi James,

You have to manually move the shell elements at each face to the respective Part groupings. You have to turn the geometry features in the display tree off to be able to select the element features.

Glenn Horrocks

deLuther August 12, 2004 00:30

Re: ICEM CFD 5.0 - 2D to 3D Mesh Extrude
Or, instead of modify element family, you can simply switch on bar elements(Lines)(these elements will be created if you have edges associated to curves). Then you select all elements and leave New side part name as inherited. Then everything will be alright.


James Date August 12, 2004 13:37

Re: ICEM CFD 5.0 - 2D to 3D Mesh Extrude
Cheers guys

Both your suggestions worked fine and i managed to produce the 3D mesh from the 2D one.

One further question though: How do you delete the 3D mesh and subsequent parts if you make an error, without re-reading the .tin and .blk files.

I have found deleting parts practically impossible so far (the manual does not explain this either). Any suggestions.

Regards James

Glenn Horrocks August 12, 2004 18:43

Re: ICEM CFD 5.0 - 2D to 3D Mesh Extrude
Hi James,

To delete a part, delete all the geometry and mesh objects contained in the part, and right click on the part in the tree. Select "Delete empty parts" and it will magically disappear, along with any other empty parts.


Ammofreak October 20, 2013 03:39

Re: ICEM CFD 5.0 - 2D to 3D Mesh Extrude
Can anyone please tell me how to switch on the bar elements?

ghorrocks October 20, 2013 19:54

Talk about raising the dead. This thread is 9 years old. But I am still here :)

You have to generate the bar elements either from the edges of existing elements or from new points. CFX cannot use bar elements so the only reason you would do this is to generate surface then volume elements.

Ammofreak October 22, 2013 03:46

Thanks Glenn, I am now able to make bar elements for extrusion of mesh.

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