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RK August 12, 2004 13:49


Need some help. Using ICEM CFD 4.CFX to create geometry for CFX 4.4 simulations (using HEXA gridding). Previously it was Build 4 which created *.geo files. What is its equivalent when using the ICEM CFD 4.CFX? And how do you create this particular file type?



KKA August 12, 2004 17:23

hi RK

In ICEM CFD4: it has MED and HEXA.

after you quit the HEXA the grid will then update in MED by a pop up asking if you want to upload the new mesh. Click yes! I presume that, this is not a problem for you.

Then click OUTPUT radio. click on SELECT SOLVER to select your solver which in this case CFX4 or CFX5. Then click on INPUT-CFX. A pop up will also appear asking you to give a filename and scaling factor if you've one. Select appropriate solver then like CFX5 or CFX5 or later.

Another pop up will appear asking to select the domain. You then select which appropriate domain name.

In CFXpre, select ICEM during importation of the grid. You shd see your grid in 'ere. You shd be working in the same directory where you save your ouput file from MED.

I don't think it's an extension like *.geo, if I'm right! Because all my files do not 've any extension!!

PS: FULL DETAILS are available in the MED and HEXA Manual. Check it up!!

All the best!!

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