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James Date August 20, 2004 07:56

ICEM CFD 5.0 (Hexa) - Internal Wall/Thin Surface
Hi Guys,

Could anyone give me some pointer's on how to turn an internal boundary into a thin surface within ICEM CFD 5.0 Hexa.

I have a very simple geometry, a box 10m x 10m x 10m with a 0.1m x 10m thin strip (wall surface) spanning the domain in the centre. I have the surface geometry for the control volume and the thin surface. I've managed to do the simple hexa meshing such that i have an internal wall of the same dimensions as my thin strip (wall surface). I've assigned all edges and nodes correctly and given each surface a part name. But i can't for the life of me work out how to turn the internal boundary into a thin surface.

Every time i export into CFX 5.7 i just get the regular mesh and the outer boundaries as per the surface part names!

I'm sure this is simple when you know how; again the manual/tutorials don't explain how this is done.

Regards James

Ben August 20, 2004 09:52

Re: ICEM CFD 5.0 (Hexa) - Internal Wall/Thin Surfa
hi james!

As i understand your problem: you can create the mesh of the whole geometry, but dont get a thin surface. I think you can solve this problem by projecting the face on this surface. if you only project the curves on the bounding edges you dont get a thin surface.

i hope this helps...



James Date August 21, 2004 05:16

Re: ICEM CFD 5.0 (Hexa) - Internal Wall/Thin Surfa

Cheers, you were right, i only projected the curves, so a thin surface wasn't created. I projected the surface and the thin surface was created...



hhh August 10, 2012 04:47

Project the surface in ICEM CFD
Dear friends,
i am new to ICEM CFD, in that i draw Rectangular surface, i want to project in z direction, i dont how to project, please let me know

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