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pi August 23, 2004 05:28

how to recover trn files after crash?
Hello everybody, my problem arises after the host crashed during a long transient simulation before to complete it. I set backups with an interval of 100 iterations (about 1 day) and just a few variables in the most often trn files. The thing is that the last backup occured quite before the crash so I have many trn files after it. For example: my last backup is 600_full.bak and there are trn's since then up to 689.trn. Iīd like to post these last 89 timesteps data too. When I try to load them from post it is impossible to open them unless a bak or res file is written after the last trn.

Is there any trick or roundabout to visualize those trn?

Thanks you


deLuther August 24, 2004 00:35

Re: how to recover trn files after crash?
You can postprocess result by joining .def file with .trn like for partition files. i.e. On UNIX systems: cat filename.def *.trn > newfilename.res On Windows systems type: copy /b filename.def + *.trn newfilename.res where *.trn is your .trn file. You only can do it for one .trn file per time. i.e. for each .trn file you need to create it`s own .res file and postprocess by one unlike with normal result file.

pi August 24, 2004 04:20

Re: how to recover trn files after crash?
Hi deLuther, I donīt know if this way is practical for many files but perhaps it might be useful in the future. Thanks for the answer.


deLuther August 25, 2004 00:20

Re: how to recover trn files after crash?
Hi pi, I also think that this way is not very practical but sometimes to see solution after crash it can be the only way. At least you can restart from such file, of course if file contain essential variables to restart run.


jasper August 25, 2004 05:45

Re: how to recover trn files after crash?
Hi Pi,

You can also cheat post by copying a .res file from a different run that went beyond the number of timesteps of the run that crashed. Having read this results file into post you can then load all timesteps up to the crash.

The .res file from transient runs provides a framework for the reduced .trn files to be read and apparently keeps track of the numbers of these .trn files. It would be convenient to be able to modify the .res file in that respect, but it is coded.



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