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KKA August 23, 2004 14:15

Edit Run in Progress:CFX5.7-Command Lang. Editor
Hi guys

I can't save my .def using the Edit in the Solver Monitor or Edit Run in Progress in the Solver Monitor. As as click on file and then Exit, there is always a pop up read as:

The CFX Command Editor aborted with error code 2 while editing the ff file ......(then gives the path of my .def)

An error has occured in cfx5control

The CFX command language Editor was interrupted by signal SEGV(11)

Do any body has idea on this. Because it's very irritating since at times I just only need to change the Residual value from 10E-4 to 10E-6 and I have to restart the whole CFX5pre. Please somebody should me out.

Thanks a lot!

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