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Anne August 25, 2004 11:04

Intermediate Res. files in CFX4.4
Hi all,

If there is some one out there with good memory please help. How do you tell CFX4.4 solver to preserve the intermediate restarting files? I am creating back files but they get deleted at the end of the run. I need them.

Please forgive my poor memory.

thanks anne

Jeff August 25, 2004 22:51

Re: Intermediate Res. files in CFX4.4
From the manual:

The subcommand >>INTERMEDIATE RESTART FILES allows the user to create such files at regular intervals during a run. The files can be created after a group of iterations using the keyword ITERATION INTERVAL in a steady state run, and after a group of time steps using the keyword TIME STEP INTERVAL in a transient run.

The software writes alternately to files named IDF1.DMP and IDF2.DMP. The files contain information like that written to the standard dump file at the end of a normal calculation, that is all data needed to carry out a restart. If the run does complete successfully, then these intermediate restart files will be deleted as they are no longer required.

If this is a transient run, your can save full or partial results within the dump file under >>DUMP FILE OPTIONS.


Anne August 28, 2004 05:59

Re: Intermediate Res. files in CFX4.4
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the advise. I had indeed set that the intermediate files (both for steady and transient simulations) to be produced. My problem is to retain them, for some reasons, after the end of the run. I have done this in CFX5.7, i was just wondering if i could do the same in CFX4.4.

regards anne

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