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Sankalp August 25, 2004 23:22

Particle track files
How to change the layout of data in particle track file?

Particle information (location and velocity) are written at every time step for each particle in the particle track file, followed by information of the particles at next time step and so on, for the transient run. Due to this scattered information of the particles I am not able to draw out the trajectory of one particular particle.

I want information about one particle to be written at all time steps followed by information about next particle (the way particle track files are written for steady state run case).

I would appreciate if anybody can help me with above.

Sankalp August 25, 2004 23:25

Re: Particle track files (CFX4.4)
Sorry for not mentioning this in my posting, I am using CFX 4.4 for my simulation

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