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lingo August 29, 2004 23:17

How to install license of turbogrid
Hi,everyone: I get the turbogrid CD and license file of the server.I installed the turbogrid on the CD and copy the license file to c:/flexm and c:cfx/turbogrid/01.16.00/misc/license .But messages appear :

checking the server status:

Can't get status of daemon of "CFDS" on server"****"

I know my computer must connect to the server.However,I want to get out of the server?

How could i do?Could you send the license file .my version is 1.6



deLuther August 30, 2004 00:14

Re: How to install license of turbogrid
You must setup licensing server through the flexLM lmtools application. And setup variable for turbogrid to obtain license. Refer to licensing installation instructions. Of course if your license is not nodelocked. You can check it in license file. If your license file has line begining with server then your license is server license. You can install it on computer with appropriate HOSTID(in server line).

Regards, deLuther

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