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Jene August 31, 2004 14:09

Initialize Particle Transport Model

I would like to apply Particle Transport Model to simulate multiphase flow problem. Since the solid particles were uniformly distributed in water initially and all the boundaries are wall, how can I set up this conditions? I mean nowhere can I set a initial number of particles in the domain without using enabling the Particle Injection on Boundary Conditions Panel.

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HK September 1, 2004 02:54

Re: Initialize Particle Transport Model
I thought you could inject particles from those uniform locations during the calculation or even at the begging of the calculation.


Sankalp September 1, 2004 15:32

Re: Initialize Particle Transport Model
You can initialize any number of particles anywhere in the domain. If you want to initialize particles on the wall or one of the patches you can do it through command language. However, for more complex boundary conditions on particles, you need to modify user routine USRPBC. Hope it helps.


Jene September 1, 2004 15:43

I forgot mention that I am using CFX 5.7


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