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Kevin September 2, 2004 13:33

Beginer's question
Can anybody tell me how to get line graphs ? I want to plot U-VELOCITY vs X (from 0 to L) at Y=B/2 and Z=W/2. I am using CFX 4.4 (Visulize and View).


Jeff September 4, 2004 16:57

Re: Beginer's question
As I recall (haven't used Visualize in...oh... at least 7 years now) there is a very simply line object in Visualise (I DO remember it's spelled with an "s"). The line can be an x, y or z line located at the proper location with the dials in the other two directions. Click on the center of the dial to provide an exact numerical input (i.e. B/2 and W/2). You can also tell how many subdivisions you want.

Once the Line is created and you're plotting the U Velocity, you can export that data along the line to a file and plot it in Excel or something like that.

There may have been a rudimentary Chart object, but as I recall it was very rudimentary.

Hope this helps, Jeff

Kevin September 4, 2004 20:36

Re: Beginer's question: thanks jeff
u r of great help in this group

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