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Kevin September 8, 2004 01:21

Creating data file
I am simulating diffusion of chlorine dioxide (modeled as species) as a part of my project. If someone can guide me how to make data file to write out chlorine dioxide concentration at every third cell and at every 10th tiemstep, it would be of great help.

I would also like to write the X, Y, & Z values (which are distances and therefore it should be in units of meters) at the corresponding concentration value. Thus the output file created would look like as shown below; four column with particular values.

X/ Y/ Z/ Conc./


Glenn Horrocks September 8, 2004 18:37

Re: Creating data file
Hi Kevin,

You can create a results file every 10th timestep. Have a look under the results file options in CFX-Pre. However you cannot make it only output every 3rd cell.

You can export your text file from CFX-Post.


Glenn Horrocks September 8, 2004 18:39

Re: Creating data file
You can output results every nth timestep regardless of whether you are using CFX5 or CFX4. You can certainly export the text file from CFX-Post, and I think you can from CFX-Visualise but I am not sure.


Kevin September 8, 2004 22:47

Re: Creating data file
I am really sorry .... every time I post a message i forget that this group is dominated by CFX 5 users. Anyway my bad luch that I am using CFX 4.4.

Comign back to my problem, I have gathered that I have to use USRTRN to write our data at every nth timestep. Can anybody please elaborate how to write out chlorine dioxide concentration and X, Y, & Z values at every cell (or every third cell).


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