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Kavita September 9, 2004 14:22

Chemical Reactions

I was trying to model a Chemical Reaction

A -> B

I am assuming that both A and B have same molecular weight and I was able to model above (simple) reaction successfully. Now, when I tried to model the reaction

A -> 0.2 B then CFX solver did not gave any error while I was expectin an erro as the reaction is not balanced. Please provide some light on this. I am also specifying the preexponential factor.



Sundar September 10, 2004 04:04

Re: Chemical Reactions
Hi Kavita,

Nice meeting you here. With regard to your query I would like to know whether did you get a converged solution in this problem ?


Kavita September 10, 2004 18:07

Re: Chemical Reactions

I don't think that u r a good CFD engineer. Please don't try to answer any query when u r not sure of it.


Disgusted September 12, 2004 17:12

Re: Chemical Reactions
1) These codes are not simple.

2) Understanding problems people are having with the codes almost always requires asking questions for clarification.

3) Rudeness won't get you an answer from anyone.

No soup for you!!

Sundar September 12, 2004 21:22

Re: Chemical Reactions
Hello Kavita,

I dont want to comment anything more. Good Luck.


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