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Brian September 13, 2004 01:19

Heat transfer problem

I used CFX 4.4 to solve my problem¡AIf I consider a heat transfer problem of a solid¡Aone of the surfaces has a heat flux(if I give a constant value)¡Cbut¡Aeven if I give any heat flux value(compare with heat flux maximum=20000 and minimum=200)¡Atime step is 10sec ¡A I saw the temperature was not be transfered¡Aand different temperature scales in same region(the minimum temperature was the same)¡C

In fact¡Aif we supply a large heat flux value¡Adue to have a large energy ¡Athe temperature should be transfered to all solid immediately¡Awhy I had different temperature in the same region¡Aand sence the temperature was transfered so slow¡Acan anybody do me a favor to solve this problem?? thanks in advance!!

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