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Salman September 16, 2004 14:26

Meshing a submarine
hi, i have made a model of a submarine, and i want to calculate the resistance. I can not mesh the model, this model is made up of arounf 100 surfaces. Please help in this regard. when everi mesh it, it gives warnings, and mesh is not generated, sometimes it gives a fatal error, and says it can't continue.

Glenn Horrocks September 16, 2004 18:04

Re: Meshing a submarine

What are you using to mesh it? I can tell you now that DesignModeller and CFX-Mesh will have a hard time on this type of geometry, but ICEM should work just fine.


James Date September 16, 2004 18:29

Re: Meshing a submarine

ICEM will work well for a sub geometry. I've recently created a mesh around a sub and it didn't take too long either. Hexa or Tetra seem to work equaly well.

Regards James

BeomSeok September 16, 2004 23:42

Re: Meshing a submarine
Creating mesh with high quality is one of the most important things to get correct results from your simulation. However, if you ask the question to another ICEM user like that, nobody couldn't tell you exactly. If it is possible that show the geometry of yours, could you show me the geometry? I could help you.

James Date September 17, 2004 05:11

Re: Meshing a submarine
A simple body of revolution submarine type geometry, with a O-Grid mesh will allow a reasonably high quality mesh to be produced using Hexa. Obviously a more complex shape will require a bit more skill!



Salman September 17, 2004 12:12

Re: Meshing a submarine
i am using , cfx5.6, for meshing. Mesh param> Angular resolution, Mesh control>surface>Values>Angular resolution infalted boundary>2D region

Glenn Horrocks September 19, 2004 18:25

Re: Meshing a submarine
Hi Salman,

The only way you are going to model this geometry with CFX-Build (I assume you have CFX-Build as you are using CFX5.6) is by using merged surfaces.

Alternately you could upgrade to the current version of the software and try ICEM. This type of geometry is easy to mesh in ICEM.

Regards, Glenn

salman September 21, 2004 07:53

Re: Meshing a submarine
Thanks for ur advice... i am really greatful. i'll install ICEM, and try it. Do u know about hyper Mesh? i have the software.... but i hav'nt used it.. some people say its a very powerfull software.

salman September 28, 2004 12:14

Re: Meshing a submarine
if you can just guide me, about the boundary conditions, in PRE. Basically i want to calculate the resistance of a submarine, and i am confused which, model i should use in pre ? and weather i use transient , or steady state ? further more if i use a specific fluid model, what would be the details, for that? like if i use SST or K-Epsilon then , what would be the values, for further sub, conditions like, Kappa value, k, Epsilon, and so on .... furthermore, my subarine is 86 m long, and my domain is 250 m long..... what should be the total time , and timestep?

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