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Gamal Baroud September 19, 2004 17:47

Stabilization of Osteoporotic Bone
I am working on a new treatment to stabilizing osteoporotic bone. In this treatment, a self-curing polymer (i.e.PMMA) known as bone cement is pressure-injected in the bone cavities, displacing the existing bone marrow and blood and filling the porous skeleton of the bone. The in situ polymerization of the PMMA leads to an increased strength and stability of the bone weakened by osteoporosis. For more information, please visit (

Specifically, the problem at hand is to model the process in which bone cement that is an pseudo-plastic polymer infiltrates the cancellous bone which has directional connected porosity of up to 90% fully saturated with Newtonian fluid.

We have been working with Flowtran and we have made a significant progess with. Now we wish to implement the non-Newtonian and potentially the viscoplastic features of the injected fluid and the fact that the bone is saturated into the simulation.

Any advice on the software or simulation packages to be used would greatly appreciate.

Gamal Baroud

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