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Sherry Clark September 21, 2004 04:37

I searched the internet expecting to be able to understand the meaning of MIXTURE MODEL, unfortunately I can't. So could anyone please here to show me some examples to explain what is MIXTURE MODEL? Thanks a lot.


Sherry Clark

Sherry Clark September 23, 2004 03:51

Re: Meaning of MIXTURE MODEL
No answer at all or is it too simple for you to reply it? Thanks a lot!

matej September 23, 2004 04:31

Re: Meaning of MIXTURE MODEL
well to my graduate opinion, it's kind of a model for mixtures :o))) sorry, couldn't help it...

the manual of CFX says: "The mixture model is primarily a tool to permit advanced users to specify their own interfacial transfer models for complex situations. Hence the only drag model available is the specified Drag Coefficient model. This may be a constant, or a function defined using expression language or user fortran."

Is it what you're referring to? So I guess that is what people in CFX do call a framework in a solver which allows you to specify the interactions between the phases in your multiphase simulations.

The manual is referring to two possible models - particle model and mixture model, so I'd say that in a situation, where your second phase in a continuous medium (dust or cocoa powder in a milk) are small to be dragged by the flow of a continuous phase, you do not model every particle, but a dispersed phase with some volume fraction parameter.

On the other hand, if you need to calculate the jet of mice into the swimming pool, you need to follow every mouse and specify its mass and heat transfer to the water (not mentioning the turbulence of the mouse legs and energy of a sound waves of its squeaking).OK mice are too complicated example, lets say fuel jet.

hope this helps - at least to find someone, who knows what the 'mixture model' means...


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