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Sandra September 22, 2004 01:31

some ICEM5 for CFX problem
Hi everyone,

I have some doubt about the hexa mesh smoothing procedure in ICEM5. Should I use global smoothing or the orthoganol smoothing or both of them? Is there any procedure to follow? I can't find much explanation in the tutorial manual.

Why sometimes ICEM showed me zero number of mesh elements when I tried to check the quality of hex mesh (under meshing)? There's actually a hexa mesh there when I activate the pre-mesh under blocking (the pre-mesh is activated all the time). It's very confusing to me.

Rahul September 22, 2004 06:40

Re: some ICEM5 for CFX problem
in pre mesh u actually "pre" mesh the geometry, then rightclick on premesh in tree and export the mesh unstructured, were u actually have your mesh on the geometry

Sandra September 22, 2004 20:01

Re: some ICEM5 for CFX problem
Thanks for your help, Rahul. Oh... I see the problem. If I don't convert it to unstructured, then I will not be able to use the mesh edit function. The edit menu is for unstructured mesh only. Is that right?

guruprasad September 23, 2004 00:50

Re: some ICEM5 for CFX problem
Yes Sandra, Edit is actually a "Edit Mesh" which you can use it only when you have the unstructured...

BTW, why are using smoothing in hexa? I have been using ICEM from quite a some time but haven't used this option for Hexa any time.. so just wondering when can I use it.. :)

regards, -guru.

Sandra September 23, 2004 02:55

Re: some ICEM5 for CFX problem
Thank you for help. I checked my pre-mesh quality before converting to unstructured hexa. The lowest 2x2x2 determinant is about 0.631. Should be okay for CFX5, right? The mesh quality for tutorial problem is above 0.7, so I just wonder if I can further improve the mesh quality by smoothing it. I'm trying the hexa smoothing to make the mesh as orthogonal as possible. No example or procedure to follow in the tutorial. So I just try 30 iterations to smooth the surface & volume mesh & see if the mesh quality will be improved *_*" So guru... How do you normally improve your mesh in ICEM if you are not happy with the quality?

Anyone know how to coarsen or refine the mesh by a constant ratio? I need fine, medium & coarse mesh to estimate the error caused by the grid. I halve the surface mesh size (under "mesh" menu)but the no. of elements is 5 times more. How to chieve the things like this: coarse mesh: 30000 nodes medium mesh: 60000 nodes fine mesh: 120000 nodes

Thank you.

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