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Vijay September 22, 2004 04:55

Space charge density in ElectroStaticPrecipitator

I am simulating the effect of electric field in an electro static precipitator. For your quick perusal, the governing equations for electrostatis is written below:

1. E= -Grad (V), and

2. Div(grad V)= (Total space charge density) / (Dielectric const of air)

where V is the applied electric potential, and E is the electric field

CFX has provisions to solve Poisson Equations. I would like to know how to setup the varying space charge density effect? I seek advice from all of you.



Anh September 30, 2004 19:43

Re: Space charge density in ElectroStaticPrecipita
Use quasi-static variables coupled with 'no convection' differecing scheme.

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