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Anurag September 29, 2004 13:38

ERROR #001100279
I'm getting an error in solving a porous media (ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. Message: NAME MOD: error finding variable "SPHEATP". What is this variable?

I'm modeling a porous media (composite cylinder in which, both inner and outer cylinder acts as porous media with different properties). Both are defined as domain & then sub-domain to assign different porous resistance. I am using multi-component model since fluid is injected into the domain. I am using CFX 5.7

Thanks in advance. Anurag

Juan Carlos September 29, 2004 21:37

Re: ERROR #001100279
Dear Anurag,

SPHEATP is the Specific Heat Capacity at Constant Pressure within CFX-5.7. Since it is missing the fluid/material part, something must have gone wrong during the property calculation.

I advice you to contact your CFX representative/helpdesk and pass your definition file (.def) to them for quicker response. It could be a setup error or that you have found a blatant bug.

Juan Carlos

salman September 30, 2004 09:53

Re: ERROR #001100279
hi, i am just conserned, from where i can find .....CFX representative/helpdesk? can you tell me please ..



Anurag September 30, 2004 16:41

Re: ERROR #001100279
Dear Carlos, thanks for ur reply. the case i'm dealing is "Isothermal". However, when i changed Heat transfer model option to "none", problem was fixed. I have little doubt about difference between the option "Isothermal" and "none".


Glenn Horrocks September 30, 2004 18:24

Re: ERROR #001100279

Your CFX rep is the people you paid your license money from. Talk to whoever is responsible for license purchasing at your establishment.

Glenn Horrocks

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