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Pete October 3, 2004 05:45

how to create surface mesh in icem5?
Hi all,

Just wonder how can we create the tetra surface mesh in ICEM 5 and then use it to create the volume mesh? Like the method used in Build. Can't access Build right now. The automatic tetra mesh generator in ICEM5 gives me a rather crappy surface mesh....Any idea is welcomed.

Thanks, Pete

deLuther October 3, 2004 06:41

Re: how to create surface mesh in icem5?
Just use Meshing->Surface mesh->Patch independent mesh. Smooth surface mesh accordingly and then use Tetra->From triangle surface mesh. (Expressed in terms of old Interface of ICEM 5.0). In new interface this can be done in similar way.

Pete October 4, 2004 01:11

Re: how to create surface mesh in icem5?
Thanks,deLuther. It works well but can you please explain briefly what's the meaning of "patch independent" in ICEM5? I notice that there're 3 options to create surface mesh.

deLuther October 4, 2004 02:42

Re: how to create surface mesh in icem5?
Patch independent means that first of all tetra mesh created in usual way, but then tetras are deleted and surface mesh leaved alone... Patch Dependent means that ICEM creates LOOPs(or user creates it manually) and meshes them using QUAD mesher(also you can choose triangles). This way not always make what you want... Third way is creating surface mesh in HEXA, converting mesh to triangles and meshing from surface mesh...

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