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Atit Koonsrisuk October 4, 2004 17:19

CFX Mesh problem
I am practising ANSYS Workbench 8.1. I create the Static Mixer as the tutorial suggestion. I can use Design Modeler to create geometry. However when I try to generate CFX Mesh, I got the dialogbox say: AnsysWB Module has encountered a problem and needs to close. My OS is Windows XP Professional version 2002. Even I download the geometry file from CFX website, then use CFX Mesh, I also get the above message. Do anyone have the idea? Thank you.


Glenn Horrocks October 4, 2004 18:19

Re: CFX Mesh problem
Hi Atit,

Many people have successfully run this tutorial, so if it doesn't work for you then there will be something strange with your setup. Check your video card is OK, you have enough memory, etc etc. If you can't find anything I would contact CFX support.

Out of interest, have you installed the WinXP service pack 2?

Glenn Horrocks

Atit Koonsrisuk October 4, 2004 18:41

Re: CFX Mesh problem
I can use this PC for CFX 5.6, so the hardware should be OK for this too, shouldn't it? Concerning Windows XP SP2, I just format and install Win XP from scratch, without any service pack. Thank you anyway.


matej October 5, 2004 04:24

Re: CFX Mesh problem
Hi, The CFX 5.6 or 5.7 is one thing, ICEM mesher is another - with different demands on hardware and software setup. I'd suggest you check the errdata and requirements for install comming with the CDs, and printing out the install details, version of your windows and send it to your support. They maight heve came across something similar too.

Uhmm - you may try another tutorial, without design modeller.


Atit Koonsrisuk October 5, 2004 08:14

Re: CFX Mesh problem
Now I can solve this problem. It's the conflict between Workbench and CFX-CAD2Mesh 2.1. When I install only Workbench, not follow by installing CFX-CAD2Mesh 2.1 as I always do, the mesh can be generated. Thank you for all attention.


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