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Morenike October 5, 2004 04:46

I was running a simulation, which I then stopped midway through. I then modified the *.def by changing the iteration time step and then restart the simulation. To my suprise it started using the old time step. I had thought, I should be able to change the physics and continue my run. Is this not possible ? does anyone one know how ? Cheers

Juan Carlos October 5, 2004 08:54

Re: Restart
Dear Morenike,

If you restarted by pressing the continue arrow button in the toolbar, you modified the wrong file. After the simulation has ended your physics changes must be applied to the results file. There is a edit results file just around the continue button..

If you still want to only modify the definition file, then restart using the Define Run panel and select the definition file and the last results file as your initial values file.

Either way you will see the changes you expect.

Juan Carlos

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