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Tony October 5, 2004 17:32

What initiated combustion?
Hi, All,

I followed the cancombustor tutorial. I have a question about combustion initiation.

If we create a fuel-air mixture and set it as reacting mixture, then we let it enter the combustion chamber, what's the condition to make it ignite? Sometimes I don't have combustion at all.

I am using propane air mixture(gas phase combustion), mass fraction for propane is 0.06(calculated from stoichiometric condition). Velocity is about 50m/s-100m/s, inlet temperature is 300k, the initial temperature in the combustion chamber is about 800k-1200k. Does this has something to do with the Arrhenius equation?


prashant S.S November 10, 2004 01:48

Re: What initiated combustion?
hi! combustion of can combustor occurs ,when you patch a region/cells of your interest (for ignition),usually initial temperature of fuel nozzle is kept around 2000 k or mass flow of fuel is high to reach igntion temperature because of high turbulence. bye

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