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Nick October 5, 2004 23:21

How to use Hexa smoothing function?
Help manual (hexa meshing appendix) did mention about the possibility to improve the hexa mesh by smoothing it in CFX ICEM 5.0.

Just wonder if the technique is the same as the one for tetra smoothing? ie. use the global mesh smoothing under the "edit mesh" and choose Quality as the criteria. There's a function "orthogonal smoothing" beside the "global smoothing". Anyone know what's the difference between these two? Thanks, Nick.

Nick October 5, 2004 23:42

Re: How to use Hexa smoothing function?
Just found one more question: Does anyone know the difference between criteria "Quality" & "Quality (Version4.3)" under the "smooth mesh globally"? They aren't the same as the values shown in the chart are very different when different criterion is chosen (Quality:min 0.63, Quality Version4.3:min 0.11??? gosh...why so low?)

PS:tried to use the orthogonal mesh smoothing but it ended up with much lower quality than the original non-smooth hexa mesh. Really not sure what's going on there. Anyone know the reason?


Nick October 5, 2004 23:47

Re: How to use Hexa smoothing function?
When I tried to use "smooth mesh globally".... It doesn't work & 0 elements are being smoothed as they're undefined. Anyone know about this error? ICEM5 quits itself with error Signal 6 later whenever I try to use this function (SGI unix platform)

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