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Ulf Senechal October 6, 2004 04:57

initial value file question
Hi all,

is it possible to start a simulation with using only some of the variables from initial value files. E.g. setting velocity to a new value (from initial guess of the definition file) and maybe temperature from a result file ? The mesh should be the same.


Glenn Horrocks October 6, 2004 18:14

Re: initial value file question

Yes, it is possible. Set the initial conditions for that variable in CFX-Pre either globally or for that domain to "Value", and it will always use the specified value for initial conditions even for restarts.

The other main option is "Automatic with value", which means if there is no result set for that variable from a previous run use the specified value.

Glenn Horrocks

jon October 7, 2004 04:32

Re: initial value file question
This will have to be done through cfx5cmds in CFX5.7.

Juan Carlos October 7, 2004 09:26

Re: initial value file question
The option Value can be set from CFX-Pre by using the Edit in Command Editor from the mouse right button. CFX-Pre will complain about invalid option, but the solver will run fine.

Another option is to use the Edit Definition File (Toolbar/Tools Menu) in the CFX5-Solver Manager.

Of course, Jon's option is possible via cfx5cmds.

Just a reminder, do not forget to reset it back to Automatic/Automatic with Value to continue with clean restart. Otherwise, the next run will be a repeat of the previous. You can do that from the Edit Current Results File (Toolbar/Tools Menu) in the CFX-5 Solver Manager..

Hope this helps,

Juan Carlos

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