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Andrew Martin October 7, 2004 12:16

TASCflow Source Code Interface
Hi all:

I am trying to set up a transient boundary condition in TASCflow following the source code interface instructions outlined in the user documentation. I copied tascflow3d.exe into my problem directory, and then created a directory 'code' in which I placed my modified file 'bcdtrn.f'. Then from the problem directory I used the command 'tascflow3d -local code', but got the error message 'The environment variable TASC_DIR is not defined'. Does anyone know what this means? Appreciate the help very much!

sudarshan October 9, 2004 06:29

Re: TASCflow Source Code Interface
Hi To creae a local executable for tascflow you dont have to copy the tascflow3d.exe file into your problem directory. You need to compile your fortran program before starting the solver. Once the fortran program viz. "bcdtrn.f" is compiled, then all you have to do is to use the "tascflow3d -local code" command. This will make a locally executable file 'tascflow3d_local.exe' and your program will start running automatically using this file. Just follow the help given in the Tascflow user interface. If you still face problem please write back.

regards, Sudarshan

Andrew Martin October 12, 2004 15:27

Re: TASCflow Source Code Interface
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

I am getting TASCflow to begin building the local executable, but it stops with the following error:

bcdtrn.f f90: Error: Unrecognized keyword "pn3" for option "-tune"

I'm not sure what this means (a problem compiling I'm guessing?) and I am posting on the off chance that someone has run into this before.

Thanks again!

sudarshan October 13, 2004 00:44

Re: TASCflow Source Code Interface
I think it could be problem of compilation. Because I have also used this bcdtrn.f file for setting some of the boundary conditions and it runs satisfactorily. If you want then please send me a mail, I will send you a copy of the bcdtrn.f file. I have used this file for the case of a sinosuidal variation of inlet velocity with time. please send a mail at

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