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Ng Khai Ching October 8, 2004 04:29

opening BC
Dear CFD users/programmer:

I have some problem in understanding the following statement in CFX user manual.

"If the flow is entering the domain the value is taken to be Total Pressure, from which static pressure is calculated".

My question is: How to calculate pressure from it? From my understanding, we have to fix static temperature as well as the flow direction in opening BC.

Pls advise. tq.

khai ching

NymphadoraTonks October 8, 2004 15:34

Re: opening BC
Revise the definition of total pressure ... it contains a static as well as a dynamic component. The dynamic component is velocity dependant.

Dont bother trying to get meaningfull data out of a CFD package unless you have a solid grasp of the undelying physical (and prefrably numerical) theory.

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