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mike abelado October 10, 2004 17:15

monitor points
What is the maximum number of monitor points allowed in cfx5.7

Glenn Horrocks October 10, 2004 18:18

Re: monitor points
Hi Mike,

I don't think there is a limit. You will get bored of sticking them all in before you hit any limit I suspect.

Glenn Horrocks

Mike Abelado October 11, 2004 20:41

Re: monitor points
Hello Glenn, You are right, I got bored trying to type the coordinates in, so I wrote a program to generate the file following the syntax in one of the tutorials, but I keep getting this error message when I begin the simulation. Any one who understands what I might be doing wrong ?

MONITOR POINT : Monitor Point 1

Domain Name = Model1Open0deg

Option = Coordinates in Domain

Output Variables List = Absolute Pressure,Density,Dynamic Viscosity\

,Eddy Viscosity,First Blending Function for BSL and SST model,Kinematic Vis\

cosity,Pressure,Second Blending Function for SST model,Shear Strain Rate,Sp\

ecific Volume,Total Pressure,Turbulence Eddy Dissipation,Turbulence Eddy Fr\

equency,Turbulence Kinetic Energy,Velocity,Velocity u,Velocity v,Velocity w\

,Vorticity,Vorticity x Component,Vorticity y Component,Vorticity z Componen\

t,Wall Distance,Wall Scale

Cartesian Coordinates :

X = -0.4500 [m]

Y = 0.0276 [m]

Z = -0.9500 [m]




| An error has occurred in cfx5solve: |

| |

| Errors were encountered in the CFX Command Language for this run: |

| |

| Error: Sub-object of type Cartesian Coordinates not allowed in M- |

| ONITOR POINT:Monitor Point 1 at line 209 |

Anne October 12, 2004 03:00

Re: monitor points
This is suprising to me! If you enter your coordinates manually in pre and look at the out put, you will see that the coordinates are surely in Cartesian. Secondly, the coordinates in Post are in Cartesian too. I guess the problem could be elsewhere. I have had cases when the solver points a wrong direction of the problem.

By the way, I do not think that you can limitlessly throw in your output monitor points. I had had to delete some of my monitor points to allow GUI to respond normally.

regards anne

Juan Carlos October 12, 2004 09:07

Re: monitor points
Hello Mike,

The presence of two END statements is indicative that you got the wrong syntax for the monitor points in CFX-5.7.. If you export a sample from CFX-Pre-5.7 you will see that the Cartesian Coordinates is a parameter with a comma separated list of three reals, and not a "sub-object" (solver speak) with 3 separate parameters.

It seems you are mixing the old CFX-5.6 monitor point syntax with CFX-5.7.. If you already have the monitor points already setup in an external file using CFX-5.6 syntax, add the following line before importing into CFX-Pre 5.7


Version = 5.6


That will help CFX-Pre 5.7 to recognize the old version, and try to fix (upgrade) to the latest syntax..Otherwise, you must fix it manually before importing.

Good luck, Juan Carlos

Olivier Braun October 15, 2004 03:30

Re: monitor points
Hello Mike,

i had a case running with about 1500 Monitor points, outputting 4 variables for each, over more than 1000 timesteps in transient. There was no problem with the solver. But i did never had CFX-Pre involved in these points but just submitted them to the solver by ccl directly. Getting the values out of the monitor file by the cfxdfile command output was not an easy task. But there seems to be no limit that really constrains us on the solver side.

Good luck!


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