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Zbynek October 12, 2004 07:05

ICEM script problem
Hi all, does anybody have an experience with scripts in ICEMCFD? For the purpose of an optimization loop I have written a script which generate gemetry and grid automaticly. At the end of the script I have to export grid to the FLUENT format. The name of the MSH file should be varying according to a variable.

I have arranged it by these lines:

set outfile fluentmesh1

ic_run_application_exec . {} $env(ICEM_ACN)/icemcfd/output-interfaces/georampant {-dom E:/tetra_mesh_auto.uns -b E:/family_boco.fbc E:/$outfile}

it gives error message "can't read "outfile":no such variable"

but when I try check the variable

list $outfile

it returns correct result


If you have any idea please write it. Thanks Zbynek

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