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sleepinglily October 13, 2004 13:38

model for porous material
I am new to CFX and I want to model air flow thru porous material, I do not know how to do it, can somebody provide me an example to handle the porous material? I saw some old post mentioned about the CFX community has an example, but I do not have a login name for that.

many many thanks!

Anurag October 14, 2004 23:07

Re: model for porous material
we need to have a subdomain to define porous media. this subdomain is the 3D region which is supposed to be a porous media. properties of porous media is defined as momentum source. Different options are available (permeability, linear and quadratic resistance coefficients). in CFX 5.7 you can also specify anisotropic resistance in specific direction. contact CCFX tech support for user ID & password.

sleepinglily October 14, 2004 23:57

Re: model for porous material
Thank you very much for you reply. I do not have CFX yet, I need to know CFX can do the model of air flow thru Carbon foam heatsink before I talked to my boss to let him buy it. so I cannot have userid & password to that tutorial. Can I send you emails to you to ask questions?

Amir October 19, 2004 10:45

Re: model for porous material
Hi All, I have gone through the porous medium abilities of CFX but I still have problem in defining C1 and C2 as explained in I can't figure out why it's mentioned that we should devide the resistance coefficients by porosity. The Darsy equation is developed based on superficial velocity and as they claim, CFX use superficial velocities for porous medium too during the run so why we should devide C1 and C2 by porosity? thanks for the help Amir

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