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Harmeet October 16, 2004 13:54

Refining Mesh at Specific Region
Hi There!

I'm quite new to ICEM,being a Gambit/Fluent user. My question is:

How do I refine the mesh in a certain region of my flow domain? For example, if I have a flow past a bluff body and I want to capture the vortices past (downstream) the bluff body accurately, how do I do this?

In Gambit, I can simply "split" the volume and mesh that portion of interest separately. Can this be done in ICEM? Please advise, O' Wise Ones! Cheers! :)


Glenn Horrocks October 17, 2004 18:44

Re: Refining Mesh at Specific Region

Yes it can be done, use the mesh density gizmo.


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