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lingo October 17, 2004 10:01

Particle tracking in CFX
Hi,everyone: I want to get the track of red cells in blood in centrifugal pump.The model includes the rotor and the casing.Reynolds stress model ,mass flow rate as inlet bc,0 pressure as outlet bc.The density of red cells is a litter bigger than the blood.Other setting is same as the tutorial 9.

However,I find that the history of residul of momtuma and mass is flucating seriously.The particle track is also in disorder,which is not same as the streamline without particle tracking.

What's wrong ?

could you give me any suggestiongs?

Regards lingo

lingo October 17, 2004 21:07

Re: Particle tracking in CFX
Hi: The word"flucationg"in the last post shoud be "fluctuating". I have another problem:the particle track in the rotor part and in the casing is not continuous.The particle track casing shows that the particle is injected from the interface. How to solve it?Thanks a lot!

Regards lingo

Pravallika October 22, 2004 17:53

Re: Particle tracking in CFX
Hello Lingo,

If you are considering two-way coupling the residuals won't be smooth and they do fluctuate in many cases.

Peter Soong December 5, 2004 11:37

Dust flow in duct
I am a final year engineering student doing a project regarding the simulation of dust particle concentration in the ducting system. Can anyone give me some hint? I am using CFX 5.7.

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