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Karl October 19, 2004 06:46

Load Latest Result File into Post via Command Line
I'm trying to automate a sequential fluid-structure interaction problem. At present I have the result filename hard-coded in a cse file, which is not ideal. Can anybody tell me if they know a cunning way to load the *latest* result file into CFX-Post? I'm launching Post from the command line.

Thanks in advance!

MadsR February 8, 2010 04:21


I am looking for such feature also. How to read in the LATEST .res file when restarting a cfx5solve or running cfx5post.

Example: Say we have run multiple times on a solution, so we have *_001.res, *_002.res, *_003.res and we want our script to take the *_003.res file and continue solving. To make the script generic, taking the latest .res file as input, we need some flag to append to cfx5solve/cfx5post.

Help-help :-)


ghorrocks February 8, 2010 07:28

You could do this as a batch file (Win) or shell script (Linux). I don't think a command line flag exists to do what you request - submit a feature request.

Of course all this is done automatically when you run CFX inside workbench. If you run CFX outside workbench then it is your problem to link the files together properly.

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