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James Date October 19, 2004 10:20

ICEM Hexa - Deleting Empty Parts!!

Can someone tell me why I cannot delete empty parts when using ICEM Hexa.

I have deleted all of the un-necessary part geometry in my model and would like to clear the un-used part names.

However, ICEM will not let me do this!

If I just read in the .tin file the geometry without these parts is loaded. However, when I read the blocking in these parts names suddenly re-appear!

Any ideas guys.


KKA October 19, 2004 12:04

Re: ICEM Hexa - Deleting Empty Parts!!
Hi James

I'm clear about what part you meant. But if you're talking about Families, then this is what happened.

Hexa always take the families defined at MED. Thus Families defined in MED will only be seen in HEXA. So if you remove or change family, and don't want it to appear then click on Edit in Display Menu. Then select delect Unused Families. That will refresh your family list. This new family list will show in HEXA irrespective what block file that you used.

But if remove a part in your block file, it has nothing to do with the Family name. Remember HEXA is only for Meshing and has nothing to do with the geometrical changes. Geometry(.tin) can be modified in MED before sending it to HEXA for meshing. In that case you might consider creating NEW Block files as oppose to using existing one.

All the best!!


deLuther October 20, 2004 00:30

Re: ICEM Hexa - Deleting Empty Parts!!
Maybe problem is that families was deleted but they again appears in hexa. I have such things many time. At current time I found that after deleting empty families you must save projects. Sometimes this operation not enough and then I save Boundary condition file and it helps...

James Date October 20, 2004 11:11

Re: ICEM Hexa - Deleting Empty Parts!!
Thanks guys.

I've worked out what to do:

1) You have to close the blocking file. 2) Delete the un-used parts. 3) Re-load the blocking file.

Thanks again


hyb December 23, 2004 02:24

it's a bug in icem 5.0?
when move or rotate some obeject but forget to choose any object and then press apply button . the computer will never respond quickly and keep waitting for quite a long that time i have to shutdown the programming and restart it again!

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