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R P October 21, 2004 06:22

Variables Definition in CFX Solver 5.6
We have many variables defined in variables files used by CFX Solver. Is there a place we can find the definitions and their calculation methodology used by solver. I am pretty new to CFX and am getting confused with various variables in CFX.

I was just looking at the file found in CFX\...\etc\5.6\variables file

Thanks for all your help.


Juan Carlos October 21, 2004 09:18

Re: Variables Definition in CFX Solver 5.6
The VARIABLES file is a setup file to control visibility and usability of certain (not all) variables in the CFX-Solver..

Many of those variables are self-explanatory. Some info is in the CEL Variables, Functions and Constant section of the documentation..

Do you have a list (short I hope) that some people here may help you with?

Regards, Juan Carlos

R P October 26, 2004 02:13

Re: Variables Definition in CFX Solver 5.6

Thanks for your guidance. I am modeling a rotation model and I am new to CFX. Following link should give you a brief idea on it. I am looking at the various parameter definition listed below. All of them appear to be conflicting or confusing to me. If anyone can be kind enough to help me with the definitin of various terms, I shall be very much grateful to them.

Rotation Velocity Rotation Velocity Axial Rotation Velocity Circumferential Rotation Velocity Meridonial Rotation Velocity Meridonial x Rotation Velocity Meridonial y Rotation Velocity Meridonial z Rotation Velocity Radial Rotation Velocity x Rotation Velocity y Rotation Velocity z Pressure Total Pressure Total Pressure in Stn Frame Total Temperature Total Temperature in Stn Frame Velocity Velocity Axial Velocity Circumferential Velocity Meridonial Velocity Meridonial x Velocity Meridonial y Velocity Meridonial z Velocity Radial Velocity in Stn Frame Velocity in Stn Frame Circumferential Velocity in Stn Frame u Velocity in Stn Frame v Velocity in Stn Frame w velocity u velocity u.beta velocity u.gradient velocity u.gradient x velocity u.gradient y velocity u.gradient z velocity v velocity v.beta velocity v.gradient velocity v.gradient x velocity v.gradient y velocity v.gradient z velocity w velocity w.beta velocity w.gradient velocity w.gradient x velocity w.gradient y velocity w.gradient z Wall Scale Wall Scale.Gradient Wall Scale.Gradient x Wall Scale.Gradient y Wall Scale.Gradient z Wall Shear Wall Shear x Wall Shear y Wall Shear z



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