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H.L. October 24, 2004 05:54

CFX 5.7 error by routine PEEKCS and MEMRR
Dear Sir:

I am simulating the gas-coal gasification process in the combustor, and my simulation case starts from coal_combustion.ccl (examples). I expand the chemical species in gas mixture and the volatiles componets to three components.

Then, multi-step reaction is modified from Volatiles Oxygen WD1. Thus, 4 steps reactions are used.

After CFX-Pre without any problem, I preceed to CFX-Solve, but one error occurs just during the outer iteration 1 , and I can't find any information in any document of CFX5.

The errors is as follows:

Your help is highly appreciated!


================================================== ==================== OUTER LOOP ITERATION = 1 CPU SECONDS = 2.20E+00 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Equation | Rate | RMS Res | Max Res | Linear Solution | +----------------------+------+---------+---------+------------------+ | U-Mom | 0.00 | 7.3E-06 | 4.1E-05 | 3.5E+01 ok| | V-Mom | 0.00 | 7.2E-06 | 4.1E-05 | 3.6E+01 ok| | W-Mom | 0.00 | 2.6E-02 | 4.3E-01 | 1.2E-01 ok| | P-Mass | 0.00 | 6.5E-03 | 1.2E-01 | 12.1 8.5E-02 OK| +----------------------+------+---------+---------+------------------+

Details of error:- ---------------- Error detected by routine PEEKCS CDANAM = FL1 /BALLAST CRESLT = NONE

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Writing crash recovery file | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. | | Message: | | Stopped in routine MEMERR | | | | | | | | | | | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | An error has occurred in cfx5solve: | | | | The CFX-5 solver exited with return code 1. No results file has | | been created. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

End of solution stage.

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Warning! | | | | The CFX-5 Solver has written a crash recovery file. This file has | | been saved as | | e:\cfd_cases\cfx5.7_cases\gasifier_ok2\gasifier_wa ng_016.res.err | | and may be an aid to diagnosing the problem or restarting the run. | | More details should be available in the solver output section of | | the output file. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | The following user files have been saved in the directory | | e:\cfd_cases\cfx5.7_cases\gasifier_ok2\gasifier_wa ng_016: | | | | mon | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

This run of the CFX-5 Solver has finished.

matej October 25, 2004 03:24

Re: CFX 5.7 error by routine PEEKCS and MEMRR

let's have a look at it: what is to look for is this line:

Error detected by routine PEEKCS CDANAM = FL1 /BALLAST CRESLT = NONE

routine PEEKCS is a routine extracting strings from the settings or user routines (but its internal, so I guess it is used internaly for settings even without user fortran). CRESLT is logical switch passing to program 'good' if everything is OK, or something else, if there is something wrong. So the 'FL1 /BALLAST' must be a typo, or the code cannot read it, or reads it wrong. Is it some of your CEL?

There is also other possibility -that I'm wrong :o)


H.L. October 25, 2004 08:32

Re: CFX 5.7 error by routine PEEKCS and MEMRR
Dear Matej:

Thanks for your reply.

I just copy/paste the output file .out to here for seeking the help from CFX friends.

I don't use the user fortran and my simulation is multi-step chemical reactions.

I ever fix this problem once by a newer mesh, but now I meet this problem again. (Maybe I should take time to remake a newest mesh for it ??)

Sorry, I don't know what CEL stands for.

H.L. ps: if you have any idea, please email to me. ps: remove "_" in my username of email address.

Juan Carlos October 25, 2004 09:01

Re: CFX 5.7 error by routine PEEKCS and MEMRR
Since you are running multicomponent fluids, did you select the constrain component in the Domain/Fluid Models panel?

If you forget to do so, the solver does not know which component is the ballast/constrain..

Hopefully this will help.. As usual there is always the CFX helpdesk to call..

Good luck, Juan Carlos

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