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SAM October 29, 2004 12:59

cfx is Difficult to learn?
Many people say that CFX is difficult to learn as compared to FLUENT/!!! Is this true?

If true then why?

CFX is best for steady state turbomachinery application as compared to FLUENT?

I have seen that they almost provide the same options?

Then on which basis comprasin made?

I am confused. please do reply

Waiting for ur valuable comments

Thanking in advance!!!



NymphadoraTonks October 29, 2004 14:06

Re: cfx is Difficult to learn?
Learning to do colourfull fluid dynamics by pressing various buttons in a GUI is easy.

Learning the underlying physical and numerical theory is a tad harder.

The second is required in order to produce meaningfull results.

SAM October 29, 2004 14:12

Re: cfx is Difficult to learn?
wat u call the meaningresult. if we can show taht wat is happing in fluid then it is ok

Glenn Horrocks October 31, 2004 18:05

Re: cfx is Difficult to learn?
Hi Sam,

The vendors for both codes would be very happy to arrange a trial of their code. Try them for yourself and find out. The important thing is how well the code simulates what you want to do. Use some representative test cases to make the decision yourself.

Glenn Horrocks

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