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lingo October 30, 2004 08:48

about export data file in cfx-post

I met a problem and really need your help:

I need to calculat about the time and Renolds stress in every streamline.So I export the "time on streamline "and "Renolds stress on streamline"in two date files.

However ,in the date file about time,I only find a data zone ,the front part are all zero.I don't know the format of the data and cannot separate them from each othe according to the streamlines.

I need to get the time in every streamline .But they are mixed together . Who can tell me how to seperate them?What's the format of the data ? Another question:I need to sum a variable in every streamline ,How to do?(I find that the "sum"in post is in all streamline instead of every streamline)

Regards lingo

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